Please note: We are not looking for remote colleagues at this time. To apply for this position you must be able to be physically present at our head quarters regularily. We do not accept unsolicited applicant resumés or or applications from recruiters.

Who we are

Hjemmelegene is a Norwegian startup in health tech that offers health services in patient’s homes. We are a super strong team of highly motivated, hand-picked, smart individuals who are excellent at what they do. We physically and digitally connect healthcare professionals and patients through our proprietary platform, built on Ruby on Rails and React.

We were founded in 2017 and have been operational since then. We have grown steadily, and later exponentially. We are partly owned by Schibsted and have entered into several other strategic partnerships that pave the way for even greater ambitions. This is why we need to strengthen our tech team with an experienced engineer to join our team as backend lead.

How we work

In Hjemmelegene, product and service development is something we work with on a daily basis. We often identify problems, solve them and roll out new features – all on the same day. This speed requires us to be pragmatic and think about scalability at the same time. Not always easy, but very fun and a great learning experience! You get immediate feedback from doctors and patients on the work you do. In addition, we are a nice and social gang who look forward to meeting you!

Our culture

Hjemmelegene is still a relatively small company. The tech team is tightly integrated with the rest of the organization. This is because we believe in ownership and understanding being the most important drivers of engagement and motivation. Everyone at Hjemmelegene is given a high degree of trust and autonomy. For that to work, everyone needs to understand and empathize with the needs of doctors, nurses, customer support, operations and so on. We are an informal and highly collaborative environment who love to bounce ideas off each other. We like to solve problems as a team, pair-programming and code-reviewing when needed. We also socialize regularly because we like each other and because we like to not only discuss work. And of course we speak English 🙂

Our mush-have list:

  • 5+ years of backend/database experience
  • DevOps experience, for instance with Github Actions, Heroku, Elastic Beanstalk etc.
  • Experience with various third-party APIs such as Google Maps, Twilio, and Stripe
  • Willingness and openness to learning tools, frameworks and programming languages
  • Good communication and collaboration skills

Our wish list:

  • PostgresQL experience
  • PostGIS/GeoSpatial database experience
  • ActiveRecord/Ruby on Rails experience
  • Some experience with a front-end framework like React, Svelte, Vue.js or Angular
  • Knowledge of practical use of machine learning with frameworks such as TensorFlow or Scikit Learn.
  • Experience with various developer tools and building systems.

What you get in return:

  • Competitive wages.
  • Quick turnaround from idea to live in production.
  • Clear and open processes around priorities and work planning.
  • Close collaboration with a small but incredibly strong team of doctors, engineers and marketers.
  • Free choice of work tools.
  • Flexibility in working hours and location as long as you are able to be physically present regularily.
  • Opportunity to influence further recruitment and technology selection of a strategic nature.
  • Opportunity make a difference in people’s lives, to work with something important and significant (no joke!)

The position reports to, and requires close collaboration with our CTO.

Drop us a line if this sounds exciting. Please include your GitHub and LinkedIn profile.